Our Mission

  • "Our Mission is to protect indigenous breeds from extinction"

Our Vision

  • "Our vision is to have a huge collection of Indian Indigenous breeds from various states and to research about the medicinal importance of various cow products"

Over View

Goshala, a Sanskrit word means shelter for cows. Mahalekshmi Goshala is located at Mundiappally, Thiruvalla on 5 acre of land. The ‘Mahalekshmi Goshala’ is a total facility, with modern amenities. It is home to pure Gir breeds, besides pure cow breeds of Sahiwal from Punjab; Tharparker from Rajasthan; Kankrej, Sindhi, and Saurashtra from Gujarat; Kasaragod Dwarf, Vechur, and Cheruvally cows from Kerala, and Kangayam breed from Tamil Nadu. The modern cow sheds in the Goshala also have scientific arrangements for collection of urine and cow dung, taking their growing demand in the Ayurveda industry into consideration. There are also elaborate arrangements for feeding the cows in a purely organic manner. The cows here are being fed with organically grown fodder grass, hay, food grains, pulses, minerals, ground nuts, etc. The collection of breeds at the Goshala has fetched Mr.Vinod Kumar acclaim from officials and experts. K. Unnikrishnan, senior veterinary surgeon attached to the Animal Husbandry Department, says, perhaps, this must be the first Goshala of its kind that houses such a large number of pure breeds of Gir and Sahiwal cows, besides many other indigenous breeds now facing extinction.

Our Team Members

T K Vinod Kumar
Founder & Chairman
Manoj Kumar K K
Goshala Manager
Maneesh K V
Goshala Manager


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